CONQUER Search Eclipse Plug-In


Eclipse Plug-In Installation

  1. The plug-in has been tested for the latest release of Eclipse (Juno) using Java 1.7 on both Mac and PC (64 bit). It has also been tested using Java 1.6 running Indigo and Juno on Windows.
  2. The current URL ( serves as an eclipse update site. First, install new software:

  3. Then paste the update site URL ( and select the CONQUER Plug-in

  4. Hit Next and complete the installation.

Using CONQUER Search

Like Google, this tool uses natural language or keyword-style queries.

When using the tool be sure to:

  1. Select the project you want to search in the left pane
  2. Open the Eclipse search dialog
  3. Select the CONQUER Search tab
  4. Select "Selected resources" in Scope
  5. Create a query
  6. Continue entering a query until you believe you have found the feature's implementation
There may be a slight delay after you enter the query:

The search results will look like this:

The results view has the following components:

  1. Query: after each query word, the number of times the word occured is displayed
  2. Alternatives: suggested words to try when modifying your query, based on words that occurred with the current query words
  3. Action View: actions (i.e., verbs) that appear in the results. When clicked, will expand into the list of all themes of the action and related methods (see image below).
  4. Theme View: themes (i.e., direct objects) that appear in the results. When clicked, will expand into the list of all actions of the theme and related methods (see image below).
  5. Phrase List View: results listed by relevance, with the most relevant at the top. Each result is summarized with a short descriptive phrase in the first column, then the method signature, followed by the file.

In any view, clicking on a method name will bring up the related source code.